8 min HIITMAX 1 Workout

This workout is on the CardioGuru Fitness App.

Includes timed Music Mix with audio coaching by Scott Alexander


This workout is best performed using a Wattbike which will place greater demand upon the metabolism than any other “ indoor cardio machine” ( You can use a concept 2 rower / Ski Erg or treadmill)

The HIIT protocol for this workout has been altered by Scott Alexander so the body deploys (the special forces of fat busting) more catecholamine's which break apart stubborn body fat that will be used to fuel this gruelling 8 min session.

This workout has the added stimuli of a push “hypertrophy leg based“ exercise intervals after the nominated “cardio” sprint type “push intervals.

Performed correctly, the demand upon the body’s metabolism will force a significantly large spike in EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) also known as the “after burn” which means the body will continue to burn fat “post workout” for up to 36 hrs.

During the onslaught on stubborn fat cells, the body will lower insulin, hence raising growth hormone – GH, this in turn forces the release of more free fatty acids. The intensity needed to complete this workout will ensure the body burns fat at such a high rate it will prohibit these released free fatty acids that will be pumping through your blood stream from entering “re-esterification”.

Your mind will want to give up way before your body on this workout. Don't dare relent!

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